среда, 26 марта 2014 г.

Wardrobe organizing tips.Как организовать свой гардероб

I’m sure every girl likes shopping (at least I really do!) and I used to buy everything I like once I saw it in the shop or online. But buying stuff without thinking clearly isn’t good for anyone. So, after some time, I end up with huge closed full of clothing, which sometimes I don’t wear at all or don’t like anymore.

After my trip to Japan few years ago, I bought tons of clothes, accessories and shoes. I was so happy and into them that I’ve been wearing it for about 2-3 years (of course, I used to buy other garments to add to my wardrobe and mixed them). That time I used to like floral prints, bright colors, eclectic and bright style. But then, as you see me now, I got tired of that crazy style and figured out that I love minimalistic style and I want everything to be clean, laconic, simple and beautiful.

So, then I had a problem of organizing my wardrobe for the first time. It was a transition period of my life and I definitely wanted some changes. So, I’ve sold half of my wardrobe on eBay, some of the garments I gave to my friends and the other half I’ve donated to local charity organisation. But even then I had a huge closet. So, I’ve decided to find a way to avoid this situation and have started reading various advices over the internet and asking my friends about their wardrobe organizing routine.

понедельник, 24 марта 2014 г.

четверг, 20 марта 2014 г.

Longing for summer

So,I actually won't start this post with apologies for being silent for so long. I just want to share with you some of inspiring photos I found recently and hope you'll enjoy it. Кarlie Кloss by Ryan McGinley for T Magazine’s Winter 2012 shot in Nicaragua. Styling by Sara Moonves.Hair and makeup by Holli Smith.

I've been enjoying extremely warm weather and the mood of spring in February, hoping that the summer is closer than ever. And then,few weeks later, we have a tons of snow and the second round of winter. Here we go, at least my boyfriend is extremely happy, because he loves winter and freezing weather.

So, what about me? Along with working at some big projects, I've completely fell into daily routine and some unfinished business in my hometown. Between work days in big cities and a quite life of the town, sometimes it feels so boring, but most of the times I don't have a time to think about it. It's crazy rhyth here. But I like it, I need this speed to move forward.

Hope you're doing well and already have your summer! When mine will come, I'm sure it will be great!

понедельник, 20 января 2014 г.

Winter break

I have a new haircut (yes, it's very similar to my previous hairstyle, but no more blond hair ends, which means minus 15 cm of my hair lenght) and a new DIY jeans.
I didn't actually have a winter break or any holidays this year, so unfortunately there's nothing to tell you about. But I do have tons of work ( as usual ), so my outfits these days are really simple and comfy. Jeans are perfect for any occasion, especially when you need to run from one shoot to another. So I just grab my coat and go to the next location without any worries about my look.

суббота, 11 января 2014 г.

Mona Matsuoka. Model. New Face. Inspiration

Mona Matsuoka is half Japanese, half American model from Japan. Signed with Bon Image Corp. Model Agency and being only 15 years old, Mona's already been on the covers of many magazines, has been chosen as model of the week on models.com. Mona Matsuoka also walked Prada Spring/Summer 2012 show in Japan,Fall 2012 collections of Hermès, ICB, and Nina Ricci in Japan and Anteprima S/S 2014 in Milan.
Mona's face is fresh, exotic and classic at the same time.

среда, 8 января 2014 г.

Cold Wave. Inspiration

Beautiful "Cold Wave" editorial for Test Magazine. Very inspiring and clean!
Photographer: Thomas Giddings
Styling: Tracey Nicholson

понедельник, 6 января 2014 г.

2013 style summary

Hello friends!

How's life going on? Oh yes, it's already 2014 year! After being busy for the whole December, I feel like New Year came too fast. I haven't felt the Christmas mood at all, because there was no snow in my hometown where I was staying for winter Holidays. But I actually liked warm "autumn weather", it has reminded me of Europe and I felt more comfortable than usually during cold winter times...

So, I felt like I should do some kind of the summary of the outfits I wore in 2013. I really apologize for disappearing for such a long time again, in 2014 I'm going to do my best to keep posting on the blog as often as I can.

My style evolution: in 2013 I've realized that minimalism is my love.

воскресенье, 15 декабря 2013 г.

четверг, 12 декабря 2013 г.

When Venus was her name

Very inspiring editorial by Santiago & Mauricio Sierra for Russh Magazine December/January 13.14. Model: Catherine McNeil

среда, 27 ноября 2013 г.